Mr White

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Our gorgeous Mr White was living as an unneutered stray cat, found a kind person who fed him. However, he had lost a lot of his confidence and would not get within touching distance nor live inside her house.

The lady really wanted to keep him but he was FIV positive we found out when he was neutered and every time he got poorly, we would have to trap and take him to the vets.

When we decided to move to Cumbria we thought it best that he came with us as the lady feeding him had trouble trapping him so we were worried that if he got ill he would not receive treatment.

So up to Cumbria he came and after a couple of years of love and attention he is now the most affectionate, lap cat you could have and even at the vets, rolls over for tummy rubs. Such a cutie and off course we love his David Bowie eyes!!!

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