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Let us introduce you to our new special cats page all the cats on this page are very special they all require an  indoor home. They may have disabilities or one of the many viruses that cats can be born with or catch outside and this means they have to be kept away from other cats. These poor animals have to spend their lives in pens not knowing what a loving home can be which is so unnecessary as they are no different in the way they love their owners or play with toys or just snooze on the couch. They do not pass these medical problems on to humans only other cats. So of course they must be the only cat in the household, and never let out as this could harm them or other cats. Most People know of the FIV or FELINE  AIDS virus, but so much has been done now it is easily handled by medication if anything breaks out. There are many other viruses that can affect a cat. If anything arises from the illness we will be happy to pick up the vet bill for that, provided our own vet is used. If you are interested in any of these cats please contact us and we will explain in full what is wrong with any of these cats, the causes, and if or how it affects them. We would welcome true cat lovers who can give these guys a life even if it is short which is not always the case. Let’s give them a normal home. We will sometimes add an additional cat who is old, maybe their owner has passed and there is nobody to look after it. So keep your eye on our new page. We are includung a link here to an article on Cat Chat which should give you the facts regarding FeLV.
This Charity loves indoor homes for our cats. We are in desperate need of fosterers for our cats, can you help