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We would hope to get a £45 donation for our adult cats. Vet fees will be paid by us when cats are 10 years or more providing our vet is used. For full details of our prices and terms of ownership please click here. All our cats are blood tested, vaccinated and neutered when old enough. Sometimes when female cats are found/dumped and of stocky weight, we hope these cats are already neutered but cannot guarantee this. When they are found with kittens, we obviously know neutering has not taken place.
This Charity loves indoor homes for our cats. We are in desperate need of fosterers for our cats, can you help


02.04.2017 These cats have been in rescue for 9 months now so we are pretty desperate to find them a 'delicious' home soon.  We will separate obviously.   Providing you can manage to get to our Vet ie Animal Ark at Goodmayes, vet bills will be paid although we hope the new owners will provide food, litter and flea treatment as with a younger cat. Maggie (Mother) aged 13 years and Millo  aged 12 years. They were left behind when owners moved.  Both needed massive dentals when first coming into rescue but  are very gentle cats and need more from life than living in a Rescue. Please can you help? For further information please contact Joan 01708 854567 joan.clifford44@yahoo.co.uk


28.04.2018 We have a black cat coming in from Basildon who is very friendly but homeless.  Sadly, he was micro chipped 13 years ago but owner no longer lives at the address he is registered to.  He is currently living in a shed (with all that rain and snow we have had recently) so let's get his toes nice and warm please. Can you help this lad who is so friendly. Call Joan: 01708 854567 or email joan.clifford44@yahoo.co.uk


19.07.2018 This lad is so looking forward to being a special pet in someone's life.   He somehow ended up in a shed at Basildon but originally came from Wickford as he was micro-chipped at Wickford where his past owner lived.    He has had a dental and is now fully vaccinated so please ring us saying you will give him a chance. Future vet bills will be paid at Animal Ark - Goodmayes. For further information call Joan:  01708 854567 or email joan.clifford44@yahoo.co.uk