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Adult cats (Over 6 months of age) would hope to receive a £50 donation they are neutered, micro-chipped and fully vaccinated. Kittens if homed at + 9 weeks with one vaccination £30 plus £25 neutering deposit. Kittens (up to 6 months old) if fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered at our Vet at Goodmayes £85. Kittens (up to 6 months old) if fully vaccinated, micro-chipped but neutered at your vet £50 plus £25 neutering deposit. For white, ginger, grey and ginger/white kittens we would like the charity to receive a further £20 per kitten. For furtherl details of our prices and terms of ownership please click here. We ask people to keep the cats they get from us in when it is dark, providing a litter tray,  as the road is the biggest killer of cats. All our cats are blood tested, vaccinated and neutered when old enough. Sometimes when female cats are found/dumped and of stocky weight, we hope these cats are already neutered but cannot guarantee this. When they are found with kittens, we obviously know neutering has not taken place.
This Charity loves indoor homes for our cats. We are in desperate need of fosterers for our cats, can you help


17.07.2018 This little chap is named Charlie, he is very mischievous, he puts people off because he is nervous of strangers and his way of showing it is to hiss. I have never known him to bite or scratch it is all a big show.  He loves to play with anybody who will play with him though. He will need to get used to his new people, but I have seen the other side of him and he can be so loving when he accepts you. He is now 1yr old, and desperately looking for a family of his own. He has been in rescue since he was a kitten. Can you help and offer him a home as part of a loving family………… He really needs a home. He is so unhappy in foster. If interested please contact Sharron on 0208 252 3792 or email   sharronanntaylor@ntlworld.com Adoption Fees Apply All our cats are fully Vaccinated, Neutered and Microchipped before leaving the charity.


16.05.19 Hello my name is Crackerjack formally Cacti my fosterer thinks that’s what I am a little Crackerjack!!!. I was abandoned as a young cat, just another unwanted Christmas kitten, I spent the next few years fending for myself until I found some cat friends on an old industrial estate where a wonderful security guard called Paul fed us what scraps he could and then when the site was due for redevelopment our future was bleak until Paul contacted Caring for Animals 2001 and they came in and rescued all 30 cats and gradually all my buddies have been homed except me, I think it is because I am not as attractive as my friends but what I lack in looks I make up for with love and kisses.   I am is a big big boy.  I love cuddles and strokes and now feel confident enough to venture out in to the big world and find a human family of my very own.  If you fall in love with me and want to take me home I will most definitely return the favour as I just love to love.  I also love to play and will even sit on or next to you to watch tv at night, maybe if allowed, sleep on the bed if you want me to.  I need to be an indoor home as I am FIV and therefore need to be an only cat.  I am fully vaccinated, neutered, microchip, flea and worm treated For more information please contact Sharon on 020 8252 3792 or email sharronanntaylor@ntlworld.com Adoption fees apply


18.05.2019 Marble and Spreckle are looking for a quiet indoor home together with someone who is used to cats and willing to be patient to bring them close with play and treats.  They are brother and sister - Marble is black/ginger and white, her tortie markings clear on her face but her black back is marbled with small ginger patches and flecks. She is a typical aloof tortie who when found as a kitten had a solid plastic ring around her neck which took two vets to cut off as it was so tight to her skin.  She would eventually have strangled. Spreckle is the more friendly of the two and he is also very pretty with white flecks in his black fur.  Both cats have been in foster care since rescue.  They are happy to be stroked when waiting for their food or eating and love to play. Their date of birth is recorded as 23.9.17 and they are being fostered in Maidstone, Kent. .Please note these cats are unsuitable for homing with children or other animals as they are not used to them and stress the home needed must be a quiet one.  Please contact Diana 07789145664 or Joan joan.clifford44@yahoo.co.uk if you think you may be a suitable, local home for these two long term residents..


4.03.19 Our names are major & minor Buzz, we’ve been living on an industrial estate, being fed as we sat by the factory door, people were so kind to me and my mate. We are hoping for a better life now, as we are tired and just want some love, some kindness, a cuddle & a warm place to sit, for us a miracle from heavens above. You can even change our names to suit you, we will please you and bring you such fun, just give us a chance we have never had in life, all we want is a dad and a mum. It has taken so much thought to do this rhyme, and we hope a happy home is now our fate, minor Buzz typed all this plea with his paws, and I was happy to dictate. We will now wait anxiously by the phone, please give us just one and only wish, to be loved, a warm bed & happiness ever more, and the occasional bowl if fish. We know that even in the best light we are quite ugly I new this when I saw us in the photo. Minor Buzz looks like Boris Johnson, and I Major Buzz look like Quasimoto But it is how you behave & the kindness of heart, so if you’ve a kind heart, we’re the ones for you get on the phone to save our sad lives be quick as there’ll be a long queue!! Both FIV/FeLV negative, fully vaccinated. Homing fees apply Please contact Joan.clifford44@yahoo.co.uk 01387 375726