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How can you help?

As a group we are in desperate need of funds. If you feel that you can help by either making a donation or sponsoring a cat please visit that page on our site for more information. Why not visit our Online shop where you can  purchase Christmas cards and other gifts to help to support us.   If you think you are able to  sponsor one of our cats like Magnificent seven pictured below please visit our sponsor page. Our homes needed page shows the cats that we are currently trying to home and there you can find out a little more about them.


Caring For Animals is a group of volunteers promoting the wellbeing of all

animals. At the moment we deal primarily in the rescue, neutering and

rehoming of feral cats.

Our dream is to have a nice environment such as on a farm or smallholding where we can create a sanctuary for all types of animals not just feral cats but unfortunately this dream requires money so we have to content ourselves with helping animals on a small basis. There are a couple of buildings in the back garden of the founder of the charity and it is from here that Joan re-homes the many cats and kittens that she rescues. Joan also has numerous cats in the house and garage. Many of the cats, particularly the sponsored cats, are free roaming and are enjoying a far better life with regular feeding and medical treatment. None of these cats would have survived for long in the wild. Many of the males are FIV and would eventually die if left to their own way of life fighting constantly over females. The mother cats have fairly short lives in the wild plus the interbreeding does the kittens no good. And of course the cycle begins all over again with the kittens. If you have a unneutered Tom or a feral cat that needs trapping please contact us for support. They are then taken back to the sanctuary neutered and looked after until they can either be re-homed or replaced from where they came. Caring For Animals has a strict neutering policy. If a cat is returned to its original site we ensure that it is neutered and that there is some one who will take on the responsibility of feeding it on a regular basis. A cat that is re-homed will always be neutered before-hand. If a kitten is re-homed before neutering then £20 of the charge is returned in exchange for a neutering certificate from the vet. Any cat that cannot be re-homed or returned is kept at the sanctuary and we invite members of the public to become sponsors. Have a look in our Rogues Gallery. We also invite membership to Caring For Animals for a minimum of £6.50 a year.
This Charity loves indoor homes for our cats. We are in desperate need of fosterers for our cats, can you help


Caring For Animals are working in conjunction with Animal Ark Vets to promote healthier, happier feline friends and to help with population control which is putting animal charities under much stress. Limited availability Please contact: SHARRON 020 8252 3792 or email : sharronanntaylor@ntlworld.com